There are a few exceptional restaurants in Australia that serve foreign cuisine that is out of this world. Visit these wonderful restaurants and give compliments on the food and its rich cultural origins.

Spice Temple

This chic Chinese restaurant has a menu of fragrant dishes from regions such as Guangxi and Xingjiang. The stylish interior gives an ambience reminiscent of upper-class China, which, joined with extensive menu options, makes for an exquisite meal.

Café Di Stasio

Café Di Stasio serves some delicious Italian options, or you could have something a little different like Avo on toasted freshly baked bread or some scrambled eggs. Vegetarians can try out a combination of carrots, blueberries, and crunchy wild greens, with a hint of dark balsamic vinegar.


This is a lovely little Japanese restaurant chain. Make a stop while travelling to enjoy Japanese cuisine at its finest. Chefs prepare meals at Tetsuya’s using natural seasonal flavours. The food here may come at a high price, but it’s worth it.

Masala Theory

This is an unapologetically colourful restaurant chain serving neo-Indian cuisine. The menu offers traditional dishes with a new twist, giving patrons a delicious, adventurous meal every time. The chic design and exposed brick walls have the potential to awaken a certain nostalgia inside visitors from India. The chain only uses authentic, fresh, healthy ingredients.

The Black Toro

The Black Toro chain offers customers a taste of Latin American dishes such as tostadas and tacos. Enjoy cocktails inspired by the cultural diversity of Latin America. The restaurant is a venue for special occasions and casual meals.

Visit the Australian coast, where you are sure to find any of these famous restaurant chains. Sydney and Melbourne’s restaurants present visitors with one of the most extensive menu options, with everything from pasta to salad. There is literally something for everyone available on the menu. Be sure to pay one of these restaurants a visit.

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