There is considerable variation in Filipino cuisine across regions, islands, and provinces. The most well-known cuisines are Visayan, Ilocano, Tagalog, Kapampangan, Bicol, and Filipino-Chinese. Here follows a short description of common cuisines that are found throughout the archipelago.


The Visayan dish is served in a variety of ways across provinces and surrounding islands. The most recognised dishes of this variety include lechon, inasal, into chicken, and La Paz Batchoy of Iloilo City.


Much of this dish is made up of fresh vegetables and seafood. The most popular varieties of Ilocano include dinengdeng and pinakbet, which is basically a vegetable dish with minced meat. The variety known as “jumping salad” is also often made from shrimp.


Most notably known as the food of the Katagalugan, this dish is heavy on meat, rice, and desserts. The region of Bulacan is known for its rice cakes, pork rinds, and steamed rice. The dish is often enjoyed with a local variety of coffee called Kapeng Barako.

The cuisine of Batangas is often enjoyed by tourists because it’s often made in restaurants along the coast. Mostly made from fish, but many chefs add pork lung and heart. It’s normally served with onions, chilis, and tomatoes.


The Kapampangan people have passed down this unique dish for generations. It is normally made in a variety of styles, but traditional dishes include tocino (cured pork), longganisa (pork sausage), and sisig (pork cheeks and offal).


The Igorots eat dogs as food served during religious ceremonies or occasions. However, eating dogs is illegal in most parts of the Philippines. The dish of the Igorot, otherwise known as the Cordilleran peoples, are relatively different from most Filipino cultures, but in general, they consume roasted meat with local spices added to taste.


The Bicol is known throughout Asia as the spiciest Filipino dish. Famously known as the Bicol Express or the sinilihan, it burns the tastebuds of tourists from all over. The pork is slow cooked in coconut milk, green peppers, and onions. The pinangat dish is made from fish or pork wrapped in taro leaves.

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